Bucket List

Visit the US National Parks

Ski in Colorado

Snorkel in Mauritius

Hike in Cape Town

Go whale watching

Sky Dive in Dubai

Take a Helicopter across Alaska Glaciers

Climb Rainbow Mountains, Peru

Trek the Great Wall of China (or parts of it)

Take a ferry to Macau

Visit Mount Everest

Visit the Galapagos Islands

Dance in Cuba

Swim in a waterfall in Cebu

Island hop in El Nido Palawan

Take a picture in Phuket

Take a gondola ride in Venice

Visit the Rice Fields of Bali

Go parasailing in Cancun

Visit Taj Mahal

Have an adventure in Taiwan

Stay in a 5 star hotel in Europe

Safari in Africa

Rent an Airbnb in Albania

Stay in a hostel

See the northern lights

Relax in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Marvel at the lost city in Petra, Jordan

Visit one (or two) islands in Oceania

Take a boat in Amalfi Coast