Day trip to Universal Studios, Singapore

I have made it my goal to attempt visiting a popular theme park whenever I travel. I visited Disneyland in Tokyo so I was definitely excited to visit Universal Studios in Singapore.

Singapore is such a beautiful city with a lot of things to do. Though the cost of activities in Singapore could build up within a short period of time, it was well worth it. I usually advice travelers who intend to visit Singapore to travel there for a short period (4 days for example) of time. Shorter trips are more economical since less is spent on activities.

The ticket to Universal Studios was quite affordable. I paid $51 for a ticket on Klook’s website. The price was for a single day pass which gives the visitor access to all the parks. This quite cheap compared to Universal Studios Orlando’s ticket which cost $165 for the same type of ticket (WOW!).The ticket came with a food coupon which worked out because after spending the whole day at Universal, this foodie got hungry and applied the coupon at one of the several restaurants the theme park offers.

Road map at Universal Studios, Singapore

From my experience with traveling, I noticed it is cheaper to visit theme parks abroad. Though the theme parks in other countries might be a bit smaller than the American theme parks, this does not take away from the experience. The tickets are way cheaper and since its smaller, its easier to experience the entirety of the theme park in a day.

In order to further enjoy my time at Universal Studios, I purchased an Express Unlimited Pass.

Express Pass

The express unlimited pass cost $50 per person, and it was purchased at the theme park. I felt the express pass was essential because I was able to skip lines at a lot of rides. It does not work for all rides, but it works for majority. In my opinion, the pass was an added cost which was worth it. The pass came with a meal discount which can be at various restaurants throughout the theme park.

I basically got 2 meal coupons from Universal Studios (from the ticket and buying the express unlimited pass). I used each coupon to purchase a burger, and lamb masala which tasted great! The coupons definitely helped with the cost since food at theme parks are generally overpriced.

Delicious lamb masala from the ancient Egypt zone

Universal Studios Rides

I am usually afraid of big rides because they could be very loopy. This makes me quite dizzy and I feel like my heart beat stops for the duration of the ride (I know some people describe this feeling as Adrenaline rush but I really dislike it). I did not think the rides at Universal Studios were that scary. I did not get on the loopy and scary one at least (Battlestar Gallactica).

My favorite ride at the theme park was the TRANSFORMERS the ride: The ultimate 3D battle. I got on this ride twice. It was such an amazing ride. Riders enter the world of the transformers led by Optimus Prime, as they battle the decepticons. I screamed and squealed throughout the adventure.

Singapore is very hot and the weather was around 89F (32C) when I visited Universal Studios. I was able to get on almost all the rides once with my express unlimited pass. If I wanted, I could have gotten on the rides twice but I was very tired at the end of the day. The heat also contributed to my fatigue. I could only muster up enough energy to get on the transformers ride twice because it was THAT awesome.

The express unlimited pass definitely saves time from a lot of long lines and I think everyone who visits Universal Studios, Singapore should invest in it.

Each section of universal studios has a different theme of rides which made the theme park quite easy to navigate.

Map of Universal Studios. Photocred: Travel & Beyond

There are 7 zones in the theme park and each zone has a theme that mimics a cartoon or movie. The zones are form a circle so its easy to navigate. The zones are:

Hollywood (Sesame street, Meet famous cast of Universal movies and the Minions)

Hollywood was an overload of my favorite Universal studios characters. From sesame street (which brought back childhood memories) to the amazing minions! I am such a huge fan of the minions. I definitely had to take a picture with them (see below). Some kids were hugging the minion sculpture for a long time, and I kept giving them dirty looks so that they would move (I know I am the worst lmao!).

Is this Dave, Jerry, Bob or Tom?

Sesame street themed ride

Marilyn Monroe

Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster

New York (Mimics New York streets, Rockefeller)

The New York zone had a group of interactive dancers called the Rockefellers. I was too shy to dance with them but a lot of people in the crowd volunteered to.

New York also has a studio which was created by Steven Spielberg. The studio mimics New York during a bad storm and the effects were so cool. It was entertaining and had me screaming at the same time because the sequence of events was unexpected. The scene starts by showing New York in the storm and then lighting follows which hits a dock in NYC, which catches fire. It was definitely amazing

The Rockefellers

New York City during a major storm (before the dock caught fire)

Sci-Fi city (Transformers)

Sci-fi city had transformers themed rides. During the course of the transformer’s ride, recruits (riders) follow the autobots on a journey to defeat the decepticons. I got on this ride twice because it was THAT amazing.

Entrance to Transformers, the ride

Metal sculpture of Optimus Prime outside the ride

Ancient Egypt (The Mummy)

Ancient Egypt had the mummy ride. This ride was unexpectedly scary but it was fun. The Egyptian Princess (or Queen, below) also posed for several pictures. She had a mad attitude but I loved it. We are peasants to her after all (LOL)

Egyptian Princess (or Queen)

The mummy ride

Lost World (Jurassic Park)

Lost world had a Jurassic park themed ride. Riders were required to take off their shoes because the ride has no base. Fun ride nonetheless!

Far Far Away (Shrek)

When I was younger, I must have watched Shrek at least 7 times. Imagine my excitement in this zone. The zone was definitely well constructed. Princess Fiona’s palace, seen in Shrek movies, was mimicked and it was close to a T. The ride was not as frightening as the mummy which is to be expected because this is geared more towards kids. the best part of it was my express unlimited pass worked in this zone.

Princess Fiona’s castle

Remember the dragon?

Madagascar (Penguins of Madagascar theme)

I liked this zone more for the sculptures of characters of Penguins of Madagascar. The ride was not as memorable in my opinion. It was quite slow and suited more for children.

Sculpture of the characters of Penguins of Madagascar


Things to do around Universal Studios

Universal studios is located in Sentosa Island. The island has several fun attractions which remain open till late in the evening. After a day of fun at Universal Studios, riding the cable car or taking a ride on the luge are activities that should not be missed. Madam Tussauds is also located in Sentosa island.

The cable car offers panoramic views of Sentosa Island

The luge was such a fun activity. Riders have to drive through a course in a tiny car that looks like a tube. It was so much fun!


Would I visit Universal Studios, Singapore again? YES! It was possible for me to get on a lot of rides because of my express unlimited pass. I would definitely recommend it.

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