Getting to Tokyo from Narita Airport

Tokyo has become my favorite city in the world.

I have visited cities in Asia, Europe and South America but Tokyo stands out. Tokyo has been on my bucket list since I started watching anime (Japanese cartoons) in 2007. When I finally got the chance to go, I could not resist.

I flew Cathay Pacific into Japan because the ticket was a little over $600 from Chicago to Tokyo round trip. I arrived in Japan at 6:25am and the weather was around 50F. This was not bad compared to the weather in Chicago. The Airbnb check in was not till 2pm therefore, I had to kill time before checking into my Airbnb. My bags also had to be stored.

I had done my research prior to arriving in Tokyo therefore, I knew there was capsule hotel in Narita called 9H nine hours hotel. Travelers who arrive at Narita airport could take a shower at the shower facilities provided by the hotel. I passed immigration, got my WiFi device from the WiFi counter at the airport (I prepaid for the device on klook) and followed the signs for the capsule hotel. I was able to shower for 1000 yen (about $10) for 1 hour. Towels and soap was provided by the hotel. I thought this was really convenient because a lot of flights get into Tokyo very early in the morning, and a lot of hotels and Airbnb do not allow early check in. Another service provided by the hotel includes renting a capsule by the hour. It is very useful for travelers with long stop overs.

9H nine hours hotel.

Female sink, female toilets and bathrooms at 9H nine hours hotel. This hallway also let to the capsules which is available to rent up to 24 hours.

Transit into the city

After taking a long and well deserved shower, I made my way the train tracks where I purchased a Pasmo transit card.

What is a Pasmo Card?

It is a card that you have to need to load money on in order to get around Tokyo. The card works on almost all the metro lines in the Tokyo area.

I took the Keisei Line (Blue) to Shinjuku station. The Keisei line was the cheapest and most convenient way to get from Narita airport (which is in the outskirts of Tokyo) to Shinjuku Station.

Pasmo Card

 Why Shinjuku station?

I chose to tour Shinjuku on the first day since my Airbnb was in Shinjuku therefore, it made sense to stop at Shinjuku station. Also, Shinjuku station has a bag storage service called Sagawa Cloak and Delivery. This service stores bags at about 800 yen per bag ($8). A duffel bag counts as a bag so it is best to consolidate all bags if possible in order to avoid paying too much. Sagawa cloak and delivery can be found in the bus station opposite Shinjuku Station.

After storing my bags, I was ready to start touring Tokyo.


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