Paris in Pictures

Paris is one of the most visited and photographed cities in the world. As a result of this, I thought long and hard about how to blog about my visit. Then it occurred to me!


A ton of pictures were taken during my visit to Paris and I would love to share them with you. I will definitely visit Paris again because it is such a beautiful city. It has a steady pace which has something in store for everyone.


Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants)


Notre Dame Cathedral

Entrance of Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral

After a whole day of walking, Arc De Triomphe seemed so far. So I took a picture instead.

Rent a Ferrari to drive around Paris. Anyone?

Grande Roue de Paris, built in 1900.

Paris has alot of golden structures such as this beautiful gate

Padlock bridge by Notre Dame Cathedral.

I opted for this ride from Notre Dame to Louvre because I thought it was so cool. Louvre was sadly not open on that day.

Seine River sightseeing cruise. This cruise is a hop on, hop off cruise that goes through all the major tourist attractions in Paris. I purchased tickets at the bank of the Seine River for under 20 euros.

Beautiful gold structure on a bridge (Captured from Seine River cruise).

National Assembly Building (Captured from Seine River cruise).

Seine River.

Streets of Paris.

More beautiful gold structures in Paris.


Statue of Napoleon on a tall pillar.

Eiffel Tower in the evening.

Will you visit Paris soon?

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