Photo Album: 2018 Ubud Food Festival

This year, I attended the Ubud Food Festival in Bali and it exceed my expectations. I was a fan of the several food stalls available throughout the festival, and the after party each night. This 3 day festival was one for the books.

I got the foodie pass which got me access to the kitchen stage. In the kitchen stage, I was able to witness the chefs cook and explain the culinary process. I watched several chefs perform their magic and it was amazing because each chef brought a different specialty to the stage.

Finished pork dish at the kitchen stage. This meal was delicious

Kitchen stage

Doesn’t this meal look so delicious?

The chef had helpers from the audience

She also had an adorable helper from the audience

Friendly competition between chefs

Chef competition

Part of the several delicious dishes available for sale at the 3 day festival

New products in the food market are also showcased at the festival. An example is this sauce.

Korean chef Jun Lee takes the stage

Jun Lee’s finished product

Delicious treats at the Food festival press conference

I tried lots of new food

Dishes made out of beef are my favorite

The fruit tart was amazing

Beef kebab from one of the food stalls

Each night, there was a free after party at the end of the daily activities

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