Review of CitizenM Hotel, Taipei

What mornings should look like
It is no secret that I travel the world quite frequently so finding a nice place to stay can be a challenge. Sometimes a hotel has too little reviews and other times the hotel has a lot of reviews but it is not as pleasant. I have had to stay in hotels where the latter is the case because it is the most affordable option and falls within my budget. CitizenM is honestly one of the best hotels I have stayed. CitizenM hotel was not only affordable but also had great reviews online so I was very eager to stay on the property. From their website, the hotel strives to make guests feel at home so I was very curious to experience this for myself.
Mural outside the hotel. The design of the hotel is impeccable and fun!

Staff and Comfort

Upon arrival, the staff was extremely welcoming. The check in process was seamless and completed on a computer. I was immediately ushered into my room after checking in and the bed was big and comfortable. Much needed after flying for so long.
Computers for easy and seamless check in
I also noticed that the toiletries provided and the packaging of the toiletries was witty and well thought out. This concept matches the vibrant style of CitizenM hotel. The essential toiletries were provided and neatly packaged under the sink. 2 complimentary drinks are also provided upon arrival. What more can a girl ask for? The layout of the room was also well thought out with additional space provided under the bed for storing luggage. I appreciated this touch because I do not pack light so I always need a place to neatly place my luggage so that the room does not look disorganized. CitizenM clearly had the customer in mind when designing the space.
Toiletries provided

Food and Bar

My flight from LAX to Taipei arrived late at night therefore snacks were much needed. I was also jetlagged for the first few nights in Taipei so I was always up and restless. It helped that the bar was always open and they also sold croissants and snacks for late night snackers like me.

Panel Windows

My favorite part of this hotel! CitizenM hotel chain is known for the huge panel windows in their rooms. The windows add so much to the room and it also makes a great backdrop for pictures. The rooms at the corner of the hotel have 2 panel windows by the bed instead of 1. I never got tired of waking up in the morning and opening the windows to see Taipei. The windows are controlled by an iPad which also controls the rest of the room.
The view of Taipei from the room made the stay worthwhile

Proximity and Access to Taipei

Being a major hotel, the fact that the location was convenient came as no surprise to me. The hotel is 10 minute’s drive from Taipei Main Station and 5-10 minute’s walk from the Taipei Subway systems which connects to the rest of the city. Taking Uber in Taiwan is affordable but taking public transit is a much cheaper option. The hotel is also 5 minute’s walk from Xinmending night market which reminds me of Japan. This market is popularly known as the Harajuku of Taipei and the name came as no surprise to me because it is very lit up and lined with clothing stores, souvenir shops among other shops. The hotel is also in close proximity to a number of restaurants which serve traditional Taiwanese dishes and also a number of bakeries which serve delicious sweets. Will I stay at CitizenM again? ABSOLUTELY I am looking forward to staying in their properties in different parts of the world.
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