The Quisby Hostel Review, New Orleans

What is clean, new, and has friendly staff? The Quisby, New Orleans

Recently, I decided to write a Bucket List. I have never stayed in a hostel therefore, I decided to add it to my Bucket List.

What is the big deal about staying in a hostel? 

When I travel, I always opt for hotels or Airbnb. This is because I love making my destination feel like home. I unpack, arrange my clothes and toiletries like I would at home. For this reason, I felt like I would not be able to unwind in a hostel due to limited shared space. Therefore, I never considered a hostel as an accommodation option.

In addition, I usually travel for 1-2 weeks maximum and I am in a different city every 3 days. I might have considered a hostel in the past if I was going to be in the same city for a prolonged period of time.

The colorful sign in the lobby

While researching hotels for my trip to New Orleans, I came across the Quisby. I was skeptical since I had never stayed in a hostel but I decided to book a room. I did not know what to expect but I had an open mind.

The lounge

The hostel was quite easy to navigate from the airport. I took a taxi from the airport and it took about 20 minutes to arrive at the Quisby.

The clean lobby was among the first things I noticed as I walked inside the building. Meanwhile, an artsy chalk board filled with writings and drawings stood out to me in the lounge area.

The staff greeted me cheerfully, and seemed very happy to have me. I shared my reasons for visiting New Orleans almost immediately after I walked in because the atmosphere was so welcoming.

Next, I was checked in and provided the Wi-Fi password. The room was booked from the night before my arrival, however, I missed my flight. For this reason, the staff did not charge me for the previous night. I thought that was really nice and considerate of them.


Stairway leading to the rooms

I could smell paint in the lobby and I asked the staff about it. They said it was a result of the building’s recent renovations. I was told it used to be an old factory building but they converted it into a hostel. In my opinion, I imagined a renovated building has clean and renovated rooms. Right?

The quadruple room

Boy was I right!

I was very impressed by the room. The bed was well made with a comforter at the foot of the each bed. Towels were provided upon checking in, and there was enough cabinet space in the room to fit 4 people’s items. I also liked the fact that there was a plug on the wall by each bed.

Vanity area


The vanity area is outside the bathroom and both areas were clean. Ironically, the shower only had one door which in my opinion was quite strange. As a result of this, water splashed all over the floor when I took a shower. It was however not a big deal since a bath mat was provided when I checked in.

On the other hand, the bathroom was spotless.

Street car stop outside the hostel

The Quisby is very accessible to the French Quarter which is a popular historic neighborhood in New Orleans. Tourists usually start sightseeing at the French Quarter and make their way to other spots in the city. Moreover, the street car outside the Quisby stopped by the French Quarter and it only cost $1.25 each way, or $3 for a 24 hour unlimited pass.

Complimentary croissants for breakfast

Complimentary croissants were provided every morning from 7am-10am. This is included in the room fee. I thought this was awesome as I did not expect breakfast to be included since the rooms were already so affordable.

The verdict?

In conclusion, my experience was nothing short of pleasant. The room was very clean and the location is perfect. The staff was very friendly, and they helped me navigate New Orleans. As a result of this, my stay was very comfortable.

Are you visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras? You should consider staying in the Quisby because it is affordable, accessible and clean.

Address: 1225 St Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, 70130

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