The Stylish Trotter’s 2017 Travel Expense

Travelling is more than just a hobby for me, it is soul healing and I am very passionate about it. I started my travel journey in 2016. I try to travel at least once every 2 months therefore the cost adds up. Since I travel so much, a lot of people assume I get paid to travel. As a result of this, I get a lot of messages asking how I make money from travel. I do not get paid to travel. My travels are fully sponsored by me. I know you must be wondering how I travel so much and still be able to sponsor my travel expense fully. In the past, I wrote this article on money saving habits and tips.

Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption, Cusco, Peru

I constantly have people suggesting that I email hotels and tour companies requesting for sponsorship as that is the way a lot of travel bloggers are able to maintain a low travel expense. This is a great way to exchange services but I will love to work with companies whose products I can vouch for regardless of sponsorship. Building a relationship with such companies takes time because it is sometimes gained by brand loyalty. As a result of this, I want my content to remain authentic and genuine rather than getting paid or sponsored to create contents that might probably go against or contradict my personal opinion.

I also do not travel for work. I travel because my mission is to share my journey with the world and inspire people to travel more.

As seen in a market in Cusco, Peru

Funding travel outside of a full time job

I have a part time job which helps me save up for traveling and this is also something I often advise other people to do. Another tool that has helped me travel more is my travel credit card. The points I have earned from my cards has helped me save a lot of money on flights for my 2018 travels.

Travel credit cards enable you save money and earn points for future trips. Using my travel credit cards for day to day purchases has helped me with lowering my travel expense in the long run. I am able to earn points which I have used to pay for some flights for my 2018 travels instead of cash. This is a strategy I like to call recycling money because I get to use the points I have earned from spending money to buy a flights!

Detailed mural found in Haji Lane, Singapore

2017 Travel Review

In 2017, I visited 11 countries, stayed in 11 hotels and flew more than 26 times. I was able to achieve those numbers by working full time and part time while traveling over the weekends and holidays. Traveling over weekends and holidays helps with stretching vacation days.

I also ate at different restaurants in 2017. This helped me earn travel miles because I eat at restaurants that give 5 miles per dollar for dining with them. I’m a very picky eater therefore, I would often challenge myself to eat at different restaurants.

Delicious food from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Below is my breakdown for 2017:

For flights, hotels, tours and entertainment which includes concerts and shows, I spent:


For food including restaurants in Chicago and abroad, I spent:


In 2018 I plan to travel long term in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I hope you continue to follow along as I share my adventures, travel tips and itineraries.

Feeling fearless in Peru

What has been your best strategy in reducing your travel expense? Please share with me in the comment section below.

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